Friday, December 28, 2012

A poem for the end of cataloging

245 12 $a A poem for the end of a cataloging course : $b for the students of Professor Richard Hasenyager and his illustrious teaching assistants / $c by Jared Burton.

Now I am shedding a tear
for cataloging that I hold so dear,
Our class is almost over
so I offer this poem as a closer

Cataloger's Desktop --
you are a tool to make our heads pop,
From rule to rule we had to hippity-hop
shouting out loud, "and ya don't stop!"

Anglo American Cataloging Rules --
printed out we must carry you on two mules,
But you gave us a good place to start
(even if your name is a little weak at heart)

Machine Readable Code --
to you we sing many odes,
For being the bridge between the modes
of card catalogs and OPAC nodes

Functional Rules for Bibliographic Records --
you challenge us with conceptual checkers,
Work, expression, manifestation, item
it's better to join 'em rather than fight 'em!

Library of Congress authorities --
from you it be subject headings we seize,
Library of Congress classification --
you are the key to co-location

Resource Description and Access --
teach us how to never ever transgress,
You've provided so many more alleviations
than nixing pesky abbreviations

And as we head off into the future
(those of us who finished this class),
we know that cataloging is the suture
(so let us be glad that it is passed!)

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