Saturday, March 1, 2014

LIW 2014: Here I Come!

I'll be joining the fun at Portland State University. Library Instruction West (LIW) will be hosting a conference July 23 - 25 with the theme "Open, Sustainable Instruction."


I'll post my reflections here after it's over, but for now here is a blurb for my 15 minute presentation:

Incorporating a nature tour into a Library Research Strategies course at Mt. San Antonio College (Walnut, California), my class took a guided tour of local ecosystems at the campus Wildlife Sanctuary as part of a larger lesson plan. The lesson plan consisted of four main parts: 1) Students formed five groups based on the ecological zones represented in the Wildlife Sanctuary; 2) Each group conducted research on their ecological zone, utilizing a variety of print and electronic library resources; 3) Based on their research, each group crafted informational questions which they were instructed to ask the tour guide (the “expert”) during the tour; 4) Each student crafted an annotated citation (MLA) of the tour. The lesson “set two birds free with one key” by directly connecting information literacy college students to ecology research (and it was pretty fun too).

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